Outvst Accelerator helps you develop your business concept further into a
market-ready product, service or process aligned with the SDGs.

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Outvst Accelerator provides capital, shared-services, and support
for SME's, Start-ups and Post-Revenue Companies


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Powering What's Next

Outvst Accelerator is a financial software platform and accelerator for national and international SMEStartups that want to scale up their business by commercializing their product or service through the U.S. Prosper Africa initiative to international markets.

Front-End Projects

Real Estate
Back-end Projects

Technology Tranfer

Doing it all can only get you so far. Do more
with shared technology transfer

Refinery Design

AGTech & Farming


Processing Plant



Ways the Accelerator Creates Economic Growth

Our platform coordinates foreign resources to trigger opportunities to do business abroad boosting trade, investment, and job creation — a win for local and foreign partners.

For Corporations

The new standard for helping corporates and foreign investors to structure their outward direct investments (ODI) strategies.

For Global Banks

Powerful, cost-effective banking and Fintech solutions for service excellence in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Family Offices

Our platform groups shared services that allow asset owners and those who serve them to accelerate their conquest of the global market.

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We can help with both your work

and personal life tasks.

  • Stage
  • Designed to support
  • Member benefits
  • End results
  • Cons

SDG Direct™ Partner

  • Any Stage
  • SMEStartups and middle-market companies
  • Access to credit, capital, & cost savings to grow ... business.l
  • Well positioned company, ready for soft launch.
  • Going through the qualifcations process, competition is high, must be prepared for the opportunity.


  • $4000/mo
  • 4 – 8 Weeks
  • Difficult: New Hire
  • 2 – 4 Weeks
  • Specific to 1 Person


  • $200-$1000
  • 1 Week
  • Difficult: New Hire
  • Spotty
  • Specific to Contractor

Awesome People

Did we mention our
VAs are also pretty
cool people?.

We hire the type of people that we’d want to be around every day; smart, outgoing and ambitious. We want to make sure we connect you to a talendet VA that does top quality work but also to someone with an awesome personality that you’ll get along with. You might be surprised that some of our VAs are entrepreneurs themselfes; writing a fashion blog, you’re working with some really talented individuals. We want to make sure we connect you to a talendet VA that does top quality work but also to someone with an awesome personality.

Smart and highly

skilled people


Smart and highly

skilled people

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